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Cool Instagram Name Ideas that Work

by Alena

Instagram name is really crucial for the very first impression telling your potential followers who you are. Once chosen, it becomes the key ingredient of your brand identity. It doesn’t only represent your profile but your business as well. That’s why we recommend trying hard while creating the name.

In this post, we’ve carefully gathered the most effective Instagram name ideas on how to choose the best one for your business profile. Just follow them to pick up the great name once and for all!

What is the difference between an Instagram name and a username?

The main difference between an Instagram name and a username is that the latter generates the link to your profile and must be unique.

Instagram names do not have any restrictions, and multiple users can pick up the same or similar names. That’s why to stand out among competitors, utilize the potential of the name section. For example, write your full brand name with spaces or even add an emoji right to the name field.

What to start with

Before you start brainstorming make sure your future account name corresponds to the following requirements:

  • Catchy and easy to spell. Help people find you via the Instagram search box as fast as possible.
  • Relevant to your profile content. You’ll hardly find a user who expects to see posts about cross-stitching in the @bestdishesfrompotato account.
  • Clear. All guides on cool Instagram names highly recommend avoiding the usage of random numbers or unnecessary signs. The cleaner your username, the better.
  • Original. We can’t but mention this point. Never use other brands’ names. Not only this is unethical but can result in legal issues.
  • Appropriate. It means that the name shouldn’t contain gender, ethnicity, religion, etc. Define your target audience and pick up the username keeping in mind its values and principles.

So, here we go!

Use your existing business name

The best and the easiest thing you can do to grow brand awareness is to use an Instagram username similar to your business name.

What is more important, when your potential clients come across your products or services, they will be able to instantly find your account on the platform. Thus, all they’ll need to do is to search for your “brand”.

Tip: Picking up a username that is different from your business name can be misleading and confuse your Instagram audience as it won’t be evident whether your account is official or not. It’s better to choose a username with minimum alterations.

Remember about other social networks

Be consistent. If you already run business accounts on other social platforms use the same username for your Instagram profile. Thereby you’ll kill not two but even three birds with one stone:

  • expand your reach;
  • make your brand look professional;
  • your audience will be able to easily discover your account across social media platforms.

Concentrate on your products or services

This is one of the most effective Instagram username ideas for startups. If you are going to run a business profile for the first time and have no original brand name, ask yourself about what your account will focus on. Then write down the words related to your future content. This way you will concentrate on the strong points of your product and pick up the name that will stand out among competitors.

For example, if your account is devoted to original accessories made of natural materials the list may look like this one:

  • handmade;
  • natural/nature;
  • cotton;
  • green
  • wool;
  • indie
  • accessories;
  • stone;
  • Earth;
  • organic.

When the list is ready, pick up the words that correspond to your brand philosophy. You can add your personal name to the chosen words.

Example: @mothereart_stone is a good username example that clearly describes what your profile is about and stands out of the crowd at the same time.

Tip: When you combine two or more words into one username without spacing, it may become unreadable. That’s why we recommend to reread it a couple of times before finalizing and add periods or underscores if necessary.

Use keywords

Add a keyword or a phrase to your name/username thus increasing the chances to be found via the Instagram search.

As soon as your profile is not attached to your URL or other defining aspects of Instagram, you can add relevant keywords to your name at any time.

What to do if the name is not available

Please, don’t worry if the chosen username is already taken. Below you’ll find some Instagram name ideas that will help pick up a new name/username that also works:

Display the language

If you run multiple profiles for different countries, simply add the corresponding language to the brand name.

Add geolocation

It’s also a way out for businesses selling internationally. By adding the name of the country, city, or any special region you’ll not only avoid duplicates but attract highly targeted followers.

Show ‘Official’

This is one more elegant method for businesses to create an Instagram username. Simply add “official” to your brand name. However, thе method has been very popular so far and for this reason, username like brand name+official can be already taken as well.

Add company activity

Display your activity along with your brand name or a city name and enjoy the number of targeted users who will easily find you via Instagram search.

How to change an Instagram username

If after reading the article, you have realized you need to completely change or optimize your Instagram username, follow the next easy steps:

  1. Open the app and go to your profile.
  2. Tap “Edit your profile”.
  3. In the menu, choose the username box.
  4. Type a new username and voila! If it’s free, the new username is at your disposal.
  5. Save the changes.

To change your Instagram name follow the same steps and enter a new one in the corresponding box. Fortunately, the name doesn’t require any approval so you won’t have to worry whether it’s already taken.

We do understand that a lot of cool usernames have already been taken, therefore choosing a great one is really tough. But there are still hundreds of awesome names that are free and wait to be picked up. So now you’ll definitely find one of the best Instagram names that perfectly matches your business.

Written by Alena
As a digital marketer and a copywriter, Alena is passionate about wrapping difficult things in simple words.